*Interview Day                                   $33.00/dog

          *Non-Traditional Boarding:

                    -Overnight Rate:                      $43.00/night/dog

                               -Late Pickup Half-Day Rate:     $25.00/dog (picked up by 12:30p)

                    -Late Pickup Full-Day Rate:      $33.00/dog (picked up by 7:00p)

​                    -Medication Administration:     Complimentary

                      -Add a Professional Pet Bath or Groom on your dog's pickup                          day to avoid the charge for a Late Pickup!                  

Overnight Rate includes a one night stay from the morning​ of the day you dropoff to 9:30a on the following day. (We charge for the day you dropoff regardless of time, but not the day you pickup if you do so before 9:30a).

If you do not pickup your dog by 9:30a on your pickup day, you will be charged for a Late Pickup at the applicable Half-Day Rate or Full-Day Rate. Alternatively, we can transfer your dog to a bathing or grooming appointment at 9:30a to avoid the Late Pickup charge.

Please call or visit us for a complete list of requirements to participate. 

One night of boarding includes play time, meal times, nap times, frequent potty breaks and lots of love and attention while you're away... holidays, weekends and weeknights!

"Dogs Play All Day, Sleep All Night!"

Non-Traditional Boarding

Our unique, Non-Traditional Boarding for dogs ensures proper exercise and socialization through our Doggie Play Care program with a convenient boarding option. Your dog will play all day with their Play Care friends and be all tired out by bedtime!

Sometimes you just can't take your dog with you when you're away overnight or on vacation! Why not leave him somewhere familiar and fun where he can play all day and sleep all night! Your dog attends Doggie Play Care during the day and sleeps in his own, comfy crate at night. He brings his own regular food and any special toys or blankets that he wants. Your dog won't worry that you're gone because he's too busy playing with all his friends all day and so tired out at night that he just snoozes away!


Regular Business:


6:30a - 7:00p

Pickups/Dropoffs for

Non-Traditional Boarding:


8:30a - 9:30a


6:00p - 7:00p