Doggie Play Care

Please call or visit us for a complete list of requirements to participate.


          *Interview Day:                         $33.00/dog


          *Doggie Play Care:    

                 -Daily-1 Day Rate:              $33.00/day/dog

                 -Monthly-4 Day Rate:         $128.00/month/dog

                 -Monthly-8 Day Rate:         $240.00/month/dog

‚Äč                 -Monthly-12 Day Rate:        $348.00/month/dog

"Where Your Dog Can Play All Day While You're Away!"


Regular Business:


6:30a - 7:00p

Pickups/Dropoffs for

Non-Traditional Boarding:


8:30a - 9:30a


6:00p - 7:00p



Please note: Doggie Play Care purchased at monthly rates is not refundable, not transferable, and not valid after 1 month from the date of purchase.

One day of Doggie Play Care includes play time, snack time, nap time, games, frequent 

potty breaks and lots of love and attention, all under the constant supervision of our Play Care staff.

We offer a safe, fun and stimulating environment for dogs to ensure proper exercise and socialization!

Dogs run and play and wrestle with each other off-leash and with lots of room to run in our climate-controlled "doggie gymnasium" and outdoor, securely-fenced "doggie playgrounds."

Your dog learns "doggie manners" for interacting with other dogs and learns to explore new objects and comes to understand that they are not so scary after all.

Ever have one of those days where you just want to go home and relax? We bet your dog had other plans (and who can blame him after sleeping all day!). Doggie Play Care offers mental and physical stimulation, so your dog will go home tired and ready to relax with you!

Doggie Play Care can help your dog become more independent! Your dog doesn't have to worry that you're leaving, because he doesn't get to sit home worrying and waiting for you to come home! With all of our activities and games, your dog is occupied all day with his doggie friends and human companions.

The benefits are numerous!